Client Testimonials


HI Beth: I Had meetings out of the office yesterday. Everyone is saying “Wow.” Yesterday, one person said she wanted the sunglasses as well as the scarf that I was wearing she wanted it right then in the meeting,

You did a GREAT JOB Beth!!!!……..I am not saying this because of what people are saying or wanting……………It does not matter what people say or do………I am saying this because the clothes, style, coloring, patterns are magnifying the energy that I have which was the goal right from the beginning. GREAT JOB!!! You should be proud…You did wonderful.
Satisfied Executive in North Carolina – February 20119

Best Selling Author Experience

As an author, Beth Cole Garrett’s color analysis was a valuable tool for my branding. It helped me stand out in a good way. I feel confident whenever I interact with anyone, from the cashier at Kroger’s to the thousands of readers at a special event. Jane Fenton, Rocky Mount, Va 

Thrilled With Her Results

I want to give a warm shoutout to Beth Cole Garrett. I had a Color Session with her today and it was so much more than I expected. Not only was she able to bring to life what I always envisioned I could look like, but she taught me how to apply make-up, including concealer, which was never taught to me. I am so excited to receive my color palette and start shopping! An elevated version of myself coming soon 🤩💚 Kelly Hayes, Roanoke, Va

Understands Wardrobe Consultations 

Beth is artful in her ability to determine the colors that look best on you. If you’re a professional who understands the importance of delegating tasks to others who have particular skills beyond your expertise, you’ll want to give Beth a call for her insight on your future wardrobe purchase decisions. Nanette Levin, Roanoke, Va. 

A Mortgage Banker Who Gets It

Beth knows her colors and can make you look better just by showing you the ones that fit your skin and hair color. I have been the subject of her showing which colors look good and those that don’t with an audience looking on. Some colors brought on groans from the audience and others brought out oohs and aahs!!! I actually ended up giving my off color shirts to Goodwill because of the experience. Thank You Beth!!! Bill Morse, Roanoke, Va 

Beth is a true and excellent professional. I love her and the tips and the products I have learned a lot.  Barbara Mason, Roanoke, Va 

My Wife

I set up an appointment for my wife as a present and boy was she happy. She didn’t quite know what to expect going in but when she came back home she was ecstatic. She learned all about how to do her makeup better, what colors work better, and so much more. Was a slam dunk birthday present! highly recommend! Will be signing up to do it myself soon. Andy Brady, Roanoke, Va 

I had the honor of working with Beth this past Friday. It was so much fun and I learned how my colors have changed and I was in the totally wrong color palate now! Beth is a real people person and professional. She is focused 100% on you and that you are getting the best experience possible. I highly recommend her services!!” Sandi Boyd, Roanoke, Va

Beth is a very caring person and consummate professional, providing a high level of image consulting and customer service to her clients! Donne Fore – New York Life

My face is feeling so nice with the various procedures I am doing now using the products I got from you. Beverly S. Roanoke, Va 

Beth Cole Garrett does an excellent job! I highly encourage everyone to have a color analysis done. It’s revealing and extremely beneficial to helping each of us look our best. The makeup is amazing, too! Cheryl Lackey. Daleville, Va  

Beth is an incredible “Elevating Your Image” consultant. She spent hours helping me update my image with the correct colors, make up, and the best styles for me to wear to complement my overall appearance. I love that I have color swatches that I can take with me to confirm I am choosing the best colors for my skin tones. She was professional, fun and most important she is passionate about her work……which shows by her willingness to do FB weekly video updates on how to improve your image. She also did a presentation at my store which was amazing. Lee Robinson, Roanoke, Va (The Golden Shoestring)

I have known Beth at Elevating Your Image for many years and she operates her business with integrity and the utmost attention to detail and I highly recommend her company for enhancing your personal image!” Kurt Whitt , Planet Media – Denver, Co. 

Working with Beth has been a joy. She has a great eye for color and has helped me tremendously with my makeup and wardrobe. Shopping is now a breeze with my color palette in hand. Suzanne Peery . Vinton, Va  

I always knew I was an Autumn, but Beth helped me refine my choices. My best investment was the correct color palette. I now take it with me when shopping to avoid being distracted by the wrong color. Thank You Beth” Patsy Reed. Marion, VA

Beth, I can’t thank you enough for working with me yesterday. 100 hugs to you. Everybody’s tell me that I look good. I just feel 10 yrs younger, so thank you so much. You are a really talented lady. Rosalie O., Roanoke, Va.

Testimonial – “I very much enjoyed our time in your studio and your technique and input were great! It was the best money I’ve spent on my appearance in many years. I’ve spent a lot of money…just not on the right things.” from Pat H. Roanoke, Va

I am loving playing with my palette! Katie Eggleston. Roanoke, Va 

Shout out to Beth Cole Garrettt.. LOVE my CMB Velvet Perfection FOUNDATION PRIMER! Feels like SILK (or maybe Velvet ;-)) on my skin and I use HALF the foundation I usually use, so I SAVE MONEY on foundation, and it STAYS on ALL DAY! Its a Win times 3 !!! Tamera Ferguson, Forest, Va.

 Wow, I can’t believe you just took ten years off my face with the right makeup shades.” Judy C. Roanoke, Va

You were Spot On with my Colors.” Jan Hendrickson, Roanoke, Va

I wore the green top to work, that you helped me pick out, and I received a compliment on my outfit. That does not happen very often.” June S.,  South Carolina

Beth, thank you for introducing me to your Adrien Arpel Skin Correction Complex face cream. I am very impressed by the creamy texture, soothing scent, and ease of application. It glides on my skin and does not have a greasy feel, like so many others. At 70 years of age, I do not know how much younger I could look, but I really like the way my skin feels softer and smoother. I am pleased to have a product I can use daily. – Patsy Reed, Marion, Virginia

Beth is delightful to work with and very knowledgeable in all facets of her business. Love her enthusiasm! I recommend this to everyone. You will not be disappointed! Tamera Ferguson, Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Beth was very personable and knowledgeable. I felt I could ask questions and get good personal answers. She was excited about her product. Priscilla K. Roanoke, Va 

Beth, one of the best ways that I know for a woman to look younger is to smile. Add lipstick to the lips make those teeth look nice and white and smile, smile, smile. If you smile at someone they can’t help but smile back even if it’s a stranger. I’ve been loving my CMB morning light foundation! I also love my vitamin C pods, their scent is revitalizing. I love it. I’m getting my closet closer to my palette colors. It’s exciting! I’m loving it! Carla Keegan, Georgia 

Thank you. Beth for taking your time to figure what colors and what shades of makeup look best on me! I hope I can be a good advertisement for your products! I really like them! You made me feel special and I will recommend you!! Barbara Hendrick, Roanoke, Va 

I do think your makeup products make me look younger. Wanda N. Vinton, Va. 

Beth is awesome. A joy to work with. Tamera Ferguson, Lynchburg, Va 

Beth Garrett engagement story June 22, 2019
I wasn’t looking for a job, but a leadership opportunity developed that seemed ideally suited for my knowledge and talent. This was for an organization I was already passionate about that offered me a chance to make a big difference in a lot of people’s lives. One thing was clear, though; I needed to update and upgrade my appearance to be effective in such a position.
Without much notice, I turned to Beth for help. She did a color analysis, recommended flattering makeup solutions and then, two days later, on the day of my first interview, we went shopping. Within two hours we had a complete winter wardrobe assembled including everything from shoes, slacks, shirts, sweaters, blazers and scarfs to an attractive yet affordable dressy winter coat. It required trips to three different stores to find the right stuff, but we, well more accurately, she, did it.
Beth was intuitive about picking out the type of clothing I’d be comfortable with and in, all while being mindful of a relatively tight budget. Her selections complimented my features, created a highly professional look and included clothes that felt good on me. She added a lot of dramatic color I wouldn’t have ordinarily considered to a wardrobe that had previously been pretty drab.
That afternoon, a number of the people on the committee interviewing me commented on how attractive I looked. Since this was an organization I had been actively involved in as a member already, most making the hiring decision knew me and recognized a big difference in how I presented. As a result, I was selected as one of the three final candidates from over 80 people who had applied for the job.
What Beth provides for clients is so much beyond your typical wardrobe consultant. She’s extremely talented at not only identifying colors, textures and makeup solutions that will work to compliment your physical attributes, but also has the sensitivity and insight to offer solutions that suit your personal style. Granted, her standard services rarely include shopping for clothes, but the fact that she was willing to accommodate me with this request so rapidly speaks volumes relative to how much she cares about clients as she sets her sights on “elevating your image”. Nanette Levin, Roanoke, Va  

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