What You Wear Can Mean As Much As What You Say

Did you know that dark colors command authority? How about that greens make people seem warm and friendly? People have both physical and emotional reactions to the clothing tones worn by others. Realizing how color influences responses while recognizing what shades look best on you can make a big difference in your professional success.

Elevating Your Image was founded in 2017 by Beth Garrett. She was fascinated with how color could transform one’s appearance initially, but as she discovered how much it could affect the behavior of others, she evolved it into a business that supports business leaders and managers. Garrett specializes in helping men and women identify their personal color palette while also providing consultation to clients who want to choose the right colors to help achieve a particular aim.

Those who have not strategically included their wardrobe as part of their career plan are missing a key piece of being able to make a great first impression. We all know that rarely is there an opportunity for a first impression “do over,” so, it is important to get it right the first time.

Garrett, is a certified Image/Color Consultant. She works with clients to help them create the right image designed around how to best project for success. She notes that many leaders spend time contemplating what colors and logos are best for branding their businesses, but neglect identifying the right colors and styles for branding their personal image.

Creating a successful personal image comes from knowing what colors enhance one’s appearance, what styles flatter the body type, and knowing how to dress in different environments. Pair this knowledge with the right wardrobe tools and individuals can embrace each day confidently knowing they look their best without guessing. A core service Garrett provides is a Color Analysis.

Few realize there are physical and emotional reactions to the colors we wear. The Physical reaction occurs when a color is worn under the face. Light reflects that color onto the face. Based on certain skin tone and hair colors a reaction occurs. Some colors will enhance the face and other colors will not be flattering. Additionally, some colors can help give the appearance of youthfulness and vitality; other colors can age the face and give an appearance of tiredness and sickliness.

An emotional reaction relates to how others see us based on the colors we wear. It is an unconscious association that the brain makes. Color can affect the mood of a room and can be a mood booster. Additionally, color can influence how others perceive you.

For example: if a meeting, speech or event makes it necessary for someone to be perceived as authoritative and a leader, a dark color should be worn. The key to this situation is to wear the right dark color that projects authority but also enhances one’s appearance. Garrett notes certain people should not wear black as it is not a complimentary color for various skin, hair and eye tones.

Wearing the right styles for one’s body type is another key factor to consider when putting together a specific Image. Not all styles flatter all body types. If someone is heavy set, tailored garments that accentuate the body form are generally a poor choice.

Many professionals, particularly women, have a closet full of clothing they never wear. Garrett notes this means there’s a good possibility this person has picked the wrong styles or colors, that instead of flattering their appearance, is undermining it.

Shopping without the right knowledge to select appropriate clothing for our coloring and body type wastes money, time and closet space. With the right tools, professionals can save time and money when shopping. Clients will be able to identify immediately what flatters their appearance with consulting support, and in some cases, even as a personal shopping assistant.  

Elevating Your Image offers the following services designed to help clients project the right image and dress confidently:  

  • Wardrobe Consultations
  • Color Analysis
  • Style Analysis
  • Wardrobe Building/Organization
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Presentations/Education for Teams
  • Team Building Events

Anyone who is the face of a business or is in sales, needs a way to differentiate themselves from others to be successful. And, who isn’t selling something these days? Creating the right image and enhancing one’s appearance is a great way to gain an edge by making a better first impression.

Let Elevating Your Image help you stand out and get noticed. Call Beth at (540) 929-1001, email her at Beth@ElevatingYourImage.com or, to learn about other services available through the company, visit www.ElevatingYourImage.com

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