Color Analysis

What colors make you look healthier, younger, or vibrant? Do you look better in cool or warm color clothing, accessories and makeup? Did you know that there are certain colors to wear that that make one look more authoritative or friendly? Have you ever looked in your closet and felt you had nothing to wear? If these questions are causing pause and reflection, a Color Alliance Analysis is the answer.

Color Alliance came into existence because it was realized that four seasons could not adequately describe the beautiful rainbow of human coloring and their individual palettes. The next logical step in the color revolution was a computer-assisted program that began with the four seasons and further separated them into 372 different classifications of seasonal names.

We use a highly-individualized computer analysis of your skin, hair and eye colors to determine your unique color harmony. From the analysis results, we prepare a custom Lifestyle Palette of approximately forty colors that harmonize with your coloring. The Lifestyle Palette is unique to you and almost as individual as your fingerprint.

It is your personalized shopping guide for clothing, accessories and makeup. The Lifestyle Palette is a shopping tool for helping save money from future unflattering purchases. The palette comes in a small zippered case-perfect for shopping. (Men or Women). Now you too can have your own “before” to “after” transformation with “Your” colors! (1 ½ hr session)

Virtual/Remote Analysis is Available!

Sample Color Palettes

Cerillian Autumn

Azure Summer

Topaz Spring

Exotic Winter

The Lifestyle Palette can also be purchased in a format that helps build a professional wardrobe with instructions. 

Color Analysis: $125.00. Includes consultation, analysis and a color palette of 40 colors.

Virtual Analysis $150.00. Requires sending pictures and a Video Conference such as Skype, Facetime or or FB Video


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