Elevating Your Image is a small business that is owned and operated by Beth Garrett. I am a certified Color Me Beautiful Consultant. I offer services that assist individuals in looking their best by creating an individulaized color palette or by identifying styles that flatter the body.

We are all judged on our appearance whether or not we are aware of that realization and it only takes 7 seconds to make a lasting first impression. Therefore, when presenting ourselves socially or professionally, we want to look our best. That includes wearing the right colors and styles that complement our skin, hair, eyes and body type. Having the right wardrobe tools can help give an edge when it comes to getting that next promotion or making a great first impression.

By using the Color Me Beautiful tools, I can create an Individualized color palette that enhances and elevates your image. Additionally, a Signia Silhouette Analysis can identify flattering styles for all body types.

Call for an appointment today, if you would like to Enhance Your Possibilities, by Elevating Your Image. 540-929-1001